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Post by Shockvalue on Wed Jun 29, 2011 3:10 am

As you all have noticed, the site is still slightly stumbling to get back on its feet, and there are only a handful of us who are active battlers. But for those of us who are, post ideas on how to get new and active members.

USE SEREBII. Granted, most of the battlers from serebii are hackers or noobs, but who has the right to be picky. Noobs can always get better, and if you beat them in a battle they're usually willing to see where you came from, and will often agree to join the site. As for the hackers, the blatant ones, I wouldn't suggest bringing them here. Just because. So go onto the wifi chat, battle a few people, and invite each one of them to WWPL.

New Member Tournament/Out of Season Tournaments: You can usually get battlers to come here when you tell them we have tournaments. However, they don't come back when they see that the current tournaments are already happening or are full. So feel free to start your own tournament instead of waiting for the next Season 4 tournament. I tried the new member tournament a while back, and although the tournament didn't finish, we got a few members such as Blue11 and Boomdude who stayed.

POST POST POST. Having an active forum and conversations that new members wouldn't mind joining in on are always a good thing.

Post whatever other ideas you have, and I'll be adding more as I figure them out.


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