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Pokemon Global Link - Season 1

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Pokemon Global Link - Season 1 Empty Pokemon Global Link - Season 1

Post by Cladstn_Vampire on Wed Oct 16, 2013 6:31 pm

Thought we should keep track of everyone standings on the official leaderboards for people on the site. Plus see how well we can do in the standings for this season. Also since this really isn't a tournament, we should try to help each other out to get everyone into some of the higher ranks, so post some teams on the RMT.

Just register your copy of X or Y on the Pokemon Global Link, then it should keep track of all your battles.

Season 1 - 10/1/13 - 12/23/13 - Full Rules

Special Battles for Season One
• Battle Format: Single Battle
• Players may use only newly discovered Pokémon from the Kalos region (excluding some Legendary Pokémon)
• Players must have 3–6 Pokémon in their party or registered in their Battle Box.
• Pokémon Lv. 51 and above will automatically become Lv. 50 during battles.
Note: More detailed information about which Pokémon can participate will be announced after the Pokémon Global Link is officially opened.

Battle Etiquette
Once you are matched with an opponent, do not turn off the power or disconnect until the match is completed and the results have been uploaded. Turning off the power or disconnecting before a match is completed will result in a loss and will negatively affect your Rating. The player who did not disconnect will receive a win. However, if both players have unstable connections, the match results may not be counted. Please follow the proper battle etiquette, play fairly, and only play matches online with a stable Internet connection.

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Pokemon Global Link - Season 1 Empty Re: Pokemon Global Link - Season 1

Post by mjfblaze on Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:22 pm

Since this tournament is just with 6th Generation Pokemon, I'm going to put out a list of the types of Pokemon and how many Pokemon are those types. It's just a quick look and saves a lot of time. Note: I added Doublade because I am 100% sure someone is going to put Eviolite on it.

List of Pokemon's Type:
Chesnaught - Grass/Fighting
Delphox - Fire/Psychic
Greninja - Water/Dark
Diggersby - Normal/Ground
Talonflame - Fire/Flying
Vivillon - Bug/Flying
Pyroar - Normal/Fire
Florges - Fairy
Gogoat - Grass
Pangoro - Dark/Fighting
Furfrou - Normal
Meowstic - Psychic
Doublade - Ghost/Steel
Aegislash - Ghost/Steel
Aromatisse - Fairy
Slurpuff - Fairy
Malamar - Dark/Psychic
Barbaracle - Rock/Water
Dragalge - Poison/Dragon
Clawitzer - Water
Heliolisk - Normal/Electric
Tyrantrum - Rock/Dragon
Aurorus - Rock/Ice
Sylveon - Fairy
Hawlucha - Fighting/Flying
Dedenne - Electric/Fairy
Carbink - Rock/Fairy
Goodra - Dragon
Klefki - Steel/Fairy
Trevenant - Grass/Ghost
Gourgeist - Grass/Ghost
Avalugg - Ice
Noivern - Dragon/Flying

Number of Types:
Fairy - 7
Grass - 4
Rock - 4
Normal - 4
Dragon - 4
Ghost - 4
Flying - 4
Fire - 3
Water - 3
Psychic - 3
Fighting - 3
Dark - 3
Steel - 3
Electric - 2
Ice - 2
Poison - 1
Ground - 1
Bug - 1

Hopefully this will help everyone creating a team.
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