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WWPL Pokemon Online Battle Server Empty WWPL Pokemon Online Battle Server

Post by DXRenagade on Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:09 am

WWPL Official Pokemon Online Server

Hey guys!
I am pleased to announce one of the new features WWPL will have to offer. This feature is called the Pokemon Online Battle Client. It runs smoother than Shoddy ever has and is written in C++. This system also features Double Battles which Shoddy failed at providing. It also divides players into the appropiate tiers according to the Pokemon in their team. Another awesome feature it has is a built in tournament system to where one can just run tourneys in it and it does the bracket work for you.

I have done away with the old Shoddy server in light of this new client. It is much more user friendly and has features that Shoddy just can't compare with.

To download this client go to and go to the downloads section and download the appropiate one for your system.

Our server is on the list as "WWPL"

Thank You for your time and enjoy!

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